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Noelle Swan is a nationally award-winning journalist. She currently leads science, technology, and environment coverage at The Christian Science Monitor.

Since joining the Monitor in 2013, Ms. Swan has worked as both an editor and writer for the and the weekly print edition. She has written several cover and feature stories for the Monitor Weekly magazine, including deep dives into the “maker movement,” the rise of cooperative robotics, and the impacts of wayward coal ash on American waterways.

Most recently, she worked on the rapid response team as an editor and mentor to writers-in-training and the national news desk as a reporter and junior editor.

She combines an excellent background in science and environmental journalism with a terrific nose for news…. Noelle is technically adept, tireless … unafraid of either change or hard work….

– Yvonne Zipp, deputy national news editor, The Christian Science Monitor

Prior to joining the Monitor, she worked as a freelance reporter, writing about science education for Science magazine and the Association for the Advancement of Science, contributing science and other news reports to National Public Radio affiliates in Delaware and Utah, and reporting on social services and poverty for Spare Change News.

As a freelance reporter, she fluidly maneuvered between stories intended for national and local audiences and from daily news coverage to enterprise projects.

Noelle is an editor’s delight — she comes up with great story ideas, and uses her creativity and resourcefulness to turn those ideas into excellent reads packed with insight, depth and flair.

– Tom Benner, former editor-in-chief, Spare Change News

In 2012, she won first prize from both the National Federation of Press Women and the Delaware Press Association for science and technology writing for two stories written for Delaware Public Media, “Fort Delaware joins battle to protect bat population” and “UD apiary research aims to take sting out of nationwide bee colony collapse.”

Noelle serves on the steering committee of the New England Science Writers, is an active member of the National Association for Science Writers, and has mentored science students interested in science writing.

Noelle graduated cum laude from Harvard University in 2010, where she studied natural sciences, environmental management, and journalism. Prior to becoming a journalist, Noelle taught preschool for 12 years. As a teacher, she cultivated a specialty of communicating with parents about child development and special needs. In addition to curriculum development, writing assessments, and daily classroom management, she served as a union steward, as a staff representative to the board of directors, and as an executive committee member.

When taking on any number of difficult challenges, Noelle invariably succeeds because she possesses extraordinary powers of both observation and analysis.

– Paul Rudof, parent of former student, fellow school board member


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