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Science, Technology, and Environment Editor

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Noelle manages Science, Technology, and Environment coverage at The Christian Science Monitor, with a specific focus on climate and the intersection of science and social issues.

‘More for less’: Renewable power surges into mainstream as costs fall

By Eva Botkin-Kowacki, Staff writer

Solar panels and wind turbines are often seen as a luxury that only a small amount of the world can consider as a way to generate electricity. But renewable energy may no longer be niche.

California’s conservative farmers tackle climate change, in their own way

By Jessica Mendoza, Staff writer

As California transitions from devastating drought into one of the wettest periods in decades, farmers are seeking new ways to protect their fields from whipsaw weather extremes.

In a time of division, could science find a way to unite?

By Eva Botkin-Kowacki, Staff writer

In the increasingly divisive political atmosphere, many Americans appear to be aligning themselves as if ready for battle. But in the science community, some are arming themselves for conversation rather than a fight.

Rapid Response Editor

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.47.57 PMAs an editor on the Rapid Response team, Noelle served as both an assigning editor and a mentor to writers-in-training, helping young writers to develop stories on a wide variety of trending topics.

Without more sand, SoCal stands to lose big chunk of its beaches

Hawaii’s Beth Fukumoto is quitting the GOP. Whose defection is it?

New CO2 record: Is it time to geoengineer our planet?

Despite moral objections, panel gives cautious approval to gene editing research

Why Canada’s Trudeau is Trump’s ally on Keystone XL

Machines learn to find patterns in quantum chaos

Post-truth: what Oxford’s word of the year says about modern discourse

Colorado becomes latest state to legalize physician-aided death

First Looks Manager

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.47.57 PMAs pilot editor of the Monitor‘s “First Looks” program, Noelle oversaw production of 8-14 rapid-fire stories per day, managing a rotating team of up to 17 writers, from story assignment, through content and copy editing, to web production and story promotion.

Noelle ran the program independently for one year, before developing a rotating stable of editors to continue the program. Throughout the two-year duration of the program, First Looks stories drove a significant portion of web traffic to and helped to boost the site’s overall search engine ranking and acquisition of new readers.

Why Saharan Africa needs an agricultural revolution – now

Should 20-year-olds be allowed to smoke? Why Hawaii says no.

Robotic reindeer raise eyebrows: Will humans ever accept robots as normal?

Is gene editing moving too fast? CRISPR scientist raises concerns.

Why some gay men aren’t cheering FDA decision to lift blood donation ban

As Muslim harassment rises, so do calls for tolerance

Homelessness ticks downward across US, despite local crises

Threatened African vultures may be ugly, but we need them

From ‘fuzzy’ nautilus to red colobus monkey: ‘living fossils’ recovered

Pluto in pictures: a visual timeline of our changing view of icy orb

Junior National News Editor

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.47.57 PMAs a junior editor on the national news desk, Noelle collaborated with staff writers and freelance correspondents on daily news coverage, enterprise stories for the Web, and feature articles for the magazine, working especially closely with the California-based writers, the senior science writer, and the national news interns.

‘Teddy bear’ no longer endangered: What’s behind the ‘rewilding’ of America?

By Patrik Jonsson, Atlanta-based staff writer

How Brazilian beef industry became latest ally in fight against deforestation

By Pete Spotts, Senior science writer

 Why one town in oil-rich Texas is ditching fossil fuels

By Bryan Kay, Freelance correspondent

Echoes of Ferguson: Calif. traffic fines hit minorities hard, report finds

By Daniel Wood, Los Angeles bureau chief

Bullying prevention: Can students make kindness cool?

By Cristina Maza, National news intern

Could tipping reach a tipping point? Some restaurants try new model.

By Daniel Wood, Los Angeles bureau chief

Community courts let the punishment fit the crime, compassionately




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